Mark Slaughter calls Slaughter the “first real rock band” to come out of Las Vegas

Mark Slaughter calls Slaughter the “first real rock band” to come out of Las Vegas

Slaughter frontman Mark Slaughter was recently interviewed by the Las Vegas Weekly on the occasion of the upcoming release of his new studio album Halfway There.

Mark Slaughter was asked about the status of Slaughter to which he responded: “We do about 30 shows a year, and the rest of the guys are playing with Vince Neil, so they’re doing about 60 total. I’m also starting to do my own solo shows surrounding this album, but I don’t run from where I came from. Obviously, Slaughter is a staple, the first real rock band to come out of Las Vegas. The Killers and Imagine Dragons have come out of there, but in the early years people couldn’t believe that a band could live in Las Vegas.”

In terms of how long that Halfway There took to make, Mark Slaughter advised: “Counting writing, about eight months. I also recorded four or five other songs that I didn’t put on the record, because I didn’t think they fit. I was really trying to make this a long-play record as if you were a kid listening on headphones, like in the old days. That’s really what I tried to go back to, where music was for me when I was younger.”

With respect to Mark Slaughter‘s work doing music for films and doing voice work for TV and film, the singer stated: “That stuff phases in and out. I did have an opportunity to do some voiceover work in California, and it was a major role, but I just didn’t want to live in California. There comes a point where you make those life decisions: Do I really want to sit on the freeway every day and pay high taxes and deal with getting carjacked every other week? And I was carjacked there, making one of the Slaughter records. I want a simpler thing here now, to keep my mind-set to where I’m happy and doing the things that I love.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Mark Slaughter at the Las Vegas Weekly.

Mark Slaughter‘s “Hey You” single:

Mark Slaughter – “Hey You”

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