Mark Slaughter releases video for title track of new solo album ‘Halfway There’

Mark Slaughter releases video for title track of new solo album ‘Halfway There’

Slaughter frontman Mark Slaughter has released a full song promo / video for the title track of his new solo album Halfway There.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Halfway There: “Overall, another great listen from a musician that I have so much respect for. As I stated, Slaughter’s versatility is so evident. For fans of the band Slaughter, this is a must have, but also for those also looking for a simply diverse and moving album, Halfway There is very worth checking out.” In terms of the song “Halfway There”, Sleaze Roxx stated: ““Halfway There” slows the tempo down slightly. This heartfelt ’80s type piano ballad really shows the versatility in Slaughter’s great songwriting.”

In terms of the cover for Halfway There, Mark Slaughter stated the following to Sleaze Roxx in an interview done earlier this summer: “Myself and Thom [Hazaert] from EMP had a lot of conversations about the artwork, and concepts, we had decided on the title ‘Halfway There’ and we discussed this whole ‘Heaven And Hell’ vibe, that really spoke to the concept around the record. We had an artist who did an original concept that was similar, but wasn’t really stylistically what we were looking for, so we turned it over to [Mister] Sam Shearon, and he came up with what would become the incredible final cover art. I think you can take a lot out of it, but really it’s just got such a great classic “metal/rock cover” vibe that I think really resonated with people, especially when you take it in context with the song and the concept. People are starting to show up with tattoos of the cover art now. That really says something I think.”

Mark Slaughter‘s “Halfway There” full song promo / video:

Mark Slaughter – HALFWAY THERE Full Song Promo

Full track promo video for “HALFWAY THERE”, the title track to the new MARK SLAUGHTER LP HALFWAY THERE, in stores now from EMP LABEL GROUP.Video by: Melody M…