Mark Slaughter states Slaughter go out and play the songs people want to hear

Mark Slaughter states Slaughter go out and play the songs people want to hear

Slaughter frontman Mark Slaughter was recently interviewed by East Coast Romper and asked whether there would be a new Slaughter album coming out soon.

The singer replied (with slight edits): “Slaughter does what we do, night after night we go out and play the songs people want to hear. I can’t speak for anyone else in the band, but I know we’re happy going out and blowing the roof off every night for our fans. Never say never, maybe someday the situation or circumstances will be right for that to happen. Regardless, I will continue writing and recording music as long as there are fans that want to hear it. As an artist, as long as I’m getting to make art, that’s what’s important to me. And I’m just happy there’s a great new Mark Slaughter record out there for the fans to enjoy.”

Mark Slaughter recently released a new solo album Halfway There and he was asked why did he choose the song “Hey You” as the first single to which he stated (with slight edits): “The first single was “Hey You”, and it hit the top 25 at Classic Rock radio, and so far, has had an amazing response. It’s really just a classic Rock N’ Roll party anthem, with just enough of the classic Slaughter sound that I think people gravitated to. We also just released “Devoted” to Active Rock radio, and that’s gotten a great response as well. It’s been really exciting to release a single more in line with the classic Slaughter sound, and see it react, and then release something like “Devoted” which is a little bit out of left field. But I think “Devoted” has brought some people around that weren’t really expecting something like that from me. But I grew up on Metal and heavier stuff, and that’s always been a part of me. It just kind of came out a little bit more on this record.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Mark Slaughter at East Coast Romper.

Mark Slaughter‘s “Hey You” song:

Mark Slaughter – “Hey You”

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Mark Slaughter‘s “Devoted” song:

Mark Slaughter – “Devoted”

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