Mark Weiss recalls how Sebastian Bach attending his wedding led to the singer joining Skid Row

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Mark Weiss recalls how Sebastian Bach attending his wedding led to the singer joining Skid Row

World renowned photographer Mark “Weissguy” Weiss was recently interviewed by Shawn Ratches on the Laughing Monkey Music podcast. Weiss was promoting his book The Decade That Rocked: The Photography of Mark “Weissguy” Weiss.

Weiss was asked about introducing Sebastian Bach [to Skid Row] and Zakk Wylde [to Ozzy Osbourne], to which he replied (as transcribed by the Laughing Monkey Music podcast with slight edits): “Well with Sebastian, I shot this band called Madam X in 1986 and then they hired me to fly to Phoenix and shoot. And then I got married like maybe six months later and I had my secretary invite the band. I just met him, we hung out and we just started chatting and next thing you know, he’s on stage with Kevin DuBrow and Zakk Wylde. And my best man at my wedding was friends with [guitarist Dave] ‘Snake’ [Sabo] and he kind of put two and two together and just kind of linked them all up and that’s how Sebastian got into Skid Row through my friend Dave.

I’ve been working with Ozzy since ’81 and the night, before I was with Sharon and Ozzy looking at guitar players and I remember the last thing I said is like, ‘I’ll keep my eyes open’ because the guy that we were looking at in long island definitely wasn’t the person and then the next day, my friend Dave, the same guy,  he went to this club called Close Encounters. I stayed home and he told me he saw this guy, he was incredible. He’s in a band called Zyris and I went into my studio, I was going to introduce him to Ozzy. I ended up getting a tape to Ozzy, they flew him out for an audition and he got the gig, So it was fun. That wedding was definitely you know so Sebastian and Zach is before they had any recordings with any of these bands. They would soon [each] be a household name actually.”

You can listen the interview with Mark Weiss on the Laughing Monkey Music podcast below: