Marky Ramone Besieged By Uncontrollable Fans In Mexico


March 11, 2009

Things got way out of control after last Saturday night’s show in Mexico. The van shuttling the band back to the hotel was besieged by fans. While attempting to protect the band, a member of the touring party was injured. The security at the venue did their best, but was overwhelmed by the numbers of people and intensity of the situation. They never had to deal with anything like this before.

When attempting to leave the venue, fans rushed toward Marky Ramone and band. Surrounded by overzealous fans pounding on the windows of the band’s vehicle, the fans eventually cracked the windshield. One fan was thrown into on-coming traffic trying to cling to the side of the moving van. He was not injured. A few moments later he and a friend were spotted in a taxi that caught up to the van, shouting and waving at their hero.

If anyone saw the DVD “RAW” when the band was besieged by fans in Argentina? Picture that, but much worse. It was a life threatening situation.

Sunday’s show was to be in a larger venue, with the same amount of security. In the interests of everyone’s safety and well being, it has been decided that Sunday’s show in Mexico City will not go forward.

Marky apologies to all his fans in Mexico City and says he’s really enjoyed everything about the shows and wants to make sure no one gets hurt moving forward. He promises to come back with The Blitzkrieg soon under safer circumstances.

Marky will be coming back to Mexico to play in May, so keep a look out. For more information go to

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