Martin Popoff Releases Third Book In ‘Ye Olde Metal’ Series


March 24, 2008

The following is a press release BW&BK Editor In Chief Martin Popoff has circulated, first to past purchasers of his books, indicating that copies of the book are in and ready for shipping:

“Ye Olde Metal: 1976 is the follow-up to Ye Olde Metal: 1973 To 1975 and Ye Olde Metal: 1968 To 1972. Like those, it’s also limited to 1,000 copies, signed by me, and it’s numbered.

For those not in the loop yet, what I’m doing with this is detailed examinations of classic old albums, using new interviews with guys in the bands, maybe a little available press here and there. These are looks at these albums that are way more exhaustive than any commercially viable (!) book would ever dare. You know me, I just love getting the stories, no matter how many people care anymore. We’ve got more photos than last time as well, plus some 45 sleeves and cool old original ads etc. The book is 241 pages, full trade 6″ x 9″ dimension, and stuffed with trivia folks ain’t never heard before – I guarantee it.

The chapters this time (less of them but they are quite a bit longer)

MAX WEBSTER – Max Webster: my fave Canadian band of all time. Amazing album – I got Kim in here, and Terry and the band’s mysterious lyricist Pye Dubois

SCORPIONS – Virgin Killer: I talked to Klaus, Rudy and Uli about this record, the blasphemous German cover art etc., the concept of a “virgin killer”

POINT BLANK – Point Blank: Rusty, John and Philip talk about being Bill Ham’s second banana ZZ TOP

ANGEL – Helluva Band: one of the greatest albums of all time; amazing stories about the business muscle behind the signing of the band. Frank and Mickie dish the goods

REX – Rex: OK, Rex is one of the most entertaining guys I’ve ever talked to. His stories about the mob and singing on the lunch room tables… funniest thing I’ve heard in years. A lot of Leber and Krebs in here too

MOXY – II: Buddy and Earl on struggling in Canada and then saying, screw it, and playing heavy next time

TEAZE – Teaze: heaviest Canadian album of the ’70s – bloody ‘ell, you should know about it

LONE STAR – Lone Star: What happens when your whole band becomes scientologists? Plus you’ll love Kenny’s Peter Grant/LED ZEPPELIN story

STARZ – Starz: OK, Rex is the best, but his brother Michael Lee is pretty funny too. Cool KISS/SEAN DELANEY crossover stuff here

TED NUGENT – Free For All: OK, the best story in here, bar none. I talk to the whole band on one of the most cherished albums of my youth. I’m jaded, so it doesn’t matter, but I hope this 16,000 word expose doesn’t destroy your faith in the Tedinator

BOSTON – Boston: I had the privilege of talking to Brad Delp at length about this album before his shocking suicide. Tom provides some great stuff as well. As tribute, Brad is on the cover of the book

FOGHAT – Nightshift: bloody LOVE this album, and Roger and Craig do it justice

KANSAS – Leftoverture: talked to Steve, Kerry, Phil and Robbie here. Good overview of what Kansas was getting at, and Steve let’s us get a good look at his state of mind

So yeah, the next one in the series will cover 1977, and it’s well along, actually. Then, 1978 and 1979, one per year likely well into the ’80s, at least. But yeah, the idea is that this is a pretty strange, obscure thing to try, and the hope is that people will “collect ’em all,” the whole thing making a l’il heavy metal encyclopedia set as they show up, a series, a cool bunch of collectible books.

Price including shipping:
US orders: $31.00 US funds
Int’l orders (surface mail): $33.00 US funds
Int’l orders (air mail): $40.00 US funds
Canadian orders: $29.00 Cdn. funds

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Martin Popoff
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Email me at with any further questions, and see for descriptions, covers and ordering info for my other available dozen or so books. Nice savings on shipping can be had if you take a few things. Just email me for a quote. The first two Ye Olde Metals are still available!”

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