Maryann Cotton to release new album ‘Hallelujah’ on July 3rd

Maryann Cotton to release new album ‘Hallelujah’ on July 3rd

Maryann Cotton featuring frontman Maryann Cotton and bassist Hal Patino (ex-King Diamond, ex-Pretty Maids, ex-Ammunition) will be releasing their new studio album Hallelujah via El Puerto Records on July 3, 2020.

El Puerto Records‘ press release indicates in part:

“The Danish-American hard rock band Maryann Cotton announce their fourth album for July 3rd, 2020. It will bear the name “Hallelujah” and eight brand-new songs written by singer and band founder Maryann Cotton and the ex-King Diamond bass player Hal Patino, who used to pull the strings of compatriots from Pretty Maids and currently at Dark Blue Inc.

The result is an elaborate hard rock gem from the band, who likes to describe their influences with Alice Cooper, Queen or The Who. It is characterized by an almost forgotten lightness and reminiscences of the “good old days” of US hard rock.”

You can pre-order Maryann Cotton‘s upcoming new album Hallelujah directly from El Puerto Records‘ website.

Maryann Cotton‘s “Cursed” video (from album Murder):

Maryann Cotton – Cursed (Nordsø Records)

Maryann Cotton – Cursed (Nordsø Record Session)Promotion Video for ”Cursed” from their 3rd album ”Murder”.by Sell Photography ©…