Masque To Begin Work On Band Documentary


June 13, 2009

Zzyzx Films and Award-Winning Director Mark Jacobs to Produce Documentary on Hollywood Rock Group “Masque”

Hollywood rockers Masque, Zzyzx Films and director Mark Jacobs announce plans to film a documentary based on the band’s journey back to the music business. Jacobs is an award-winning director, producer and cinematographer best known for his work on MTV, VH1, A&E, NBC and FOX reality shows including Breaking Bonaduce, The Two Corey’s, Obsessed, Kitchen Nightmares, Adventures in Hollywood, Rob and Big, Super Group featuring Ted Nugent and Sebastian Bach and most recently “Jesse’s Story” a feature length documentary currently touring the festival circuit.

“The Masque documentary will provide insight on how the Internet and fan-based social networking sites like MySpace have transformed the music industry,” states Jacobs. “At the peak of 80s Hollywood ‘Big Hair’ power rock groups, Masque was a contender among other unsigned bands including Poison, Warrant and Guns & Roses. It’s an honor to be given full access and be able tell this compelling behind the scenes story of how the band is making its unexpected comeback.”

“The group is very excited about the story within a story that will unfold based on the characters involved with this project,” states Masque founder and lead vocalist Tony Kelly. “We’re grateful that our fans, new and old, share our passion for a unique period in American rock and look forward to the journey back.”

The film will also feature candid interviews with well-known rock musicians and others connected with the current music industry. The release of the film will coincide with the debut of the bands new record scheduled for spring 2010.

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