Masque To Return In 2009 With New Album


December 13, 2008

Hollywood Rockers MASQUE Return In 2009

Fortune has come full circle for Masque, which began as one of the 80’s hottest underground bands and, some twenty years later, released its successful CD entitled Face First in 2008 featuring songs recorded during their Hollywood / Sunset Strip heyday (available at

Original members Tony Kelly and Bruff Brigham announced today that Masque will be returning in 2009 with a new record and live shows. “We are thrilled with the resurgence of our style or rock music with fans young and old,” states Tony Kelly, band founder and lead vocalist. Kelly attributes the peak interest in classic guitar driven rock by a whole new generation of music fans with the popularity of video games like Guitar Hero. “Kids around the world are jamming to video games featuring bands like Aerosmith, Sweet, Kiss and other bands from the 70’s & 80’s,” says Kelly. “They obviously can’t get enough.”

Kelly and Brigham are busy writing songs, finalizing contract terms with their new record label, which will be announced shortly. At the same time they are auditioning new lead guitarists to fill in for original guitarist Dale Fine. “Our plan is to find a hot new guitar player that will bring a mix of old school chops, ala Randy Rhoads and Joe Perry, but with a fresh contemporary style and sound,” states Masque bassist Bruff Brigham.

The band also plans to update its image to coincide with its new music and sound. “As much as we were part of the original Hollywood glitter-glam movement and appropriate at the time, its best that look stays a part of rock history,” states Kelly. “But don’t be fooled, we won’t look like your typical American Idols and we’re going to put on one hell of a show for our fans.”

For a review of the band’s history visit their website at

Below is Masque’s “Sweet Revenge” music video from the CD Face First. The video features live clips filmed by fans at The Troubadour, Whisky, Roxy ,Gazarris’ in Hollywood as well as FM Station and LA Sports Arena. Rare offstage footage of the band is also featured.

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