Masters for Confess’ latest album ‘Burn ‘Em All’ were stolen so band had to re-record the whole thing

Masters for Confess’ latest album ‘Burn ‘Em All’ were stolen so band had to re-record the whole thing

Confess released their third studio album Burn ‘Em All via Street Symphonies Records back on February 28, 2020 and their frontman John Elliot was recently interviewed by Alexandra Mrozowska.

In terms of how long it took to make Burn ‘Em All, Elliot indicated: “It took close to a year because we recorded all by ourselves. We didn’t really set up a studio schedule – instead, we recorded song by song here and there, so I guess we could have done it in a few weeks’ time if we wanted to. Also, the album was recorded to about 90% when we had a break-in in our studio and the masters got stolen so we had to go and re-record the whole album…” He added: “It took some of the spark a way for a couple of months. Still, I think this album is the best we´ve ever done so far, so I guess it was all worth it. I’d say that this album was also more of a band effort. Especially Pontus (guitar) wrote a lot of the main riffs on this one.”

Another stroke of bad luck for Confess was releasing their new album just before the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world. Elliot stated in that regard: “It kinda ruined the whole year for us. We were two days from flying out in Europe to start playing shows when the pandemic struck. We had some hopes in the beginning that we only had to cancel a few dates, but it soon turned out the be the whole year. So it sucked big time. And it is still hard to imagine that we could play gigs in the beginning of 2021 as well. We’ll see! We rescheduled a few dates for next year of course, but these days, there’s no guarantee. You have to take it day by day I guess.”

You can read the rest of the interview with John Elliot at Alexandra Mrozowska‘s website.

Confess‘ “Burn ‘Em All” video:

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