Masters Of Reality Return With ‘Pine/Cross Dover’


July 4, 2008

Although Chris Goss is probably best known for his production/engineering talents (having worked with UNKLE, Stone Temple Pilots and, most extensively, Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age), since the late ’80s, he has been issuing albums as the leader of Masters Of Reality.

On the group’s sixth studio release, “Pine/Cross Dover,” Goss wanted to approach his songwriting from a different angle. The set is tentatively due Aug. 28 via Brownhouse/Mascot Records.

“It’s really rhythmic-oriented. I called [drummer] John Leamy, and said, ‘Get ready to play, because the drums are going to lead the way on this one’,” Goss tells “And they did. It’s almost a jazzier, funkier Masters Of Reality. There’s no acoustic guitars, there’s not much ‘Beatles’ on this one. Which I’m proud of — because I’m kinda tired of it!”

Instead, the group nods toward ‘Presence’-era Led Zeppelin on “Rosie’s Presence” and the Mahavishnu Orchestra on the improvised album-closing instrumental “Alfalfa.”

Recording took place at the Hacienda in North Hollywood, where Goss also lived during the sessions. “It was engrossing to the point of a couple of months of waking up with my bathrobe and coffee, walking out to the back, sitting at the desk, and hitting play to hear what we did,” he says. “I love that kind of focus — there’s no drive to the studio.”

In addition to Goss (who supplies vocals and guitars) and Leamy, several other familiar names within the QOTSA axis lent a hand, including Eagles Of Death Metal bassist Brian “Big Hands” O’Connor and guitarist Dave Catching, as well as former QOTSA guitarist Brendon McNichol, among others.

Goss is eyeing several other projects as well, including a new album with Goon Moon, a duo he co-occupies with Twiggy Ramirez. “Twiggy is doing some work with Marilyn Manson right now — when he’s done with that and I’m done with this, I’m sure we’ll start piecing together Goon Moon,” he says. “Whenever we can, we post a song or two on Myspace. There’s some new pieces up there now.”

Goss is also hoping to collaborate again with QOTSA’s Josh Homme again as the 5:15ers.

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