Matt Sorum reveals Kings of Chaos’ single “Judgement Day” originates from a Velvet Revolver demo

Matt Sorum reveals Kings of Chaos’ single “Judgement Day” originates from a Velvet Revolver demo

Former Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum was recently interviewed by Wolfie Von Eyezen for Metal Sucks. Sorum was promoting Kings of Chaos’ new single “Judgement Day” from their upcoming new studio album, which will be released via AFM Records.

Von Eyezen noted that “Judgment Day” reunites Sorum with some of his old bandmates. Sorum replied: “So, people kept asking me to make more music. So, I was like, “I guess I’m gonna have to write some new stuff.” [Laughs]. And I signed a new deal with AFM Records out of Germany, so I said, “Let me get some of my friends together and make some music.” And with “Judgement Day,” I wanted to give lead vocals a try with the track and see if it would resonate with the fans. So, I had this old Velvet Revolver demo that we’d done, and it had all the guys and Scott [Weiland] on there.

I remember that at the time we did the demo, we were doing a lot of jamming in my studio, and we didn’t know what we were gonna do next, and it ended up in the vault. And when I started working on the new project, I started thinking, “Well, maybe that would be a cool one to put out.” So, I talked to Slash, Duff [McKagan], Dave [Kushner], and they were like, “Yeah, man, that’s a good song. Let’s go ahead and put it out.” Everyone was cool with it, so I did the vocals myself, and we got it done.”

On whether the rest of the Kings of Chaos album will consist of unused material like “Judgement Day” or actual new songs, Sorum indicated: “Oh, there will be new songs, too. I want to do as much new stuff as possible. We’ve got a bunch of my friends coming out here to the desert, and we’ll start recording soon. I built a recording studio out here, and we’ll start recording the rest of the album with different setups of guys and girls from other bands and from all over. I can’t say how it’s gonna completely unfold except that I’m going to try to make the best record I possibly can. And in 2023, we’re gonna start dropping more singles, kind of how the kids do it, where they put out songs as they go. As for the rest of the album, I hope to have it ready for the fall of 2023. But I think there will be another single in early 2023 and another in the spring after that. So, I’ll work on one song at a time and basically have a record out at the end of the run of singles.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Matt Sorum at Metal Sucks‘ website.

Kings of Chaos‘ “Judgement Day” video: