Maverick Debut “In Our Blood” Music Video

Maverick Debut “In Our Blood” Music Video

December 23, 2014

Maverick have released a video for the song “In Our Blood”, the second from the band’s debut full-length album ‘Quid Pro Quo’.

The Belfast, Ireland based band was formed in the summer of 2012 with the aim of writing music the way they wanted to hear it, combining elements from Skid Row, Van Halen, Whitesnake and Judas Priest. A year ago they released an EP entitled ‘Talk’s Cheap’ and followed it with their debut album ‘Quid Pro Quo’, which dropped on November 28th Maverick via Massacre Records.

Regarding their new album Sleaze Roxx said, “Quid Pro Quo is a really enjoyable release for lovers of ’80s hard rock — and there are still many of us left. I’m not so sure Maverick would have been household names even when this genre of music experienced its commercial peak, but they certainly would have found themselves perched alongside the bands that many now consider underrated. You have to admit Maverick have come a long way in two short years and are able to compose melodic rock staples that elude even the most seasoned veterans. “

Maverick currently consists of vocalist David Balfour, guitarist Ryan Sebastian Balfour, bassist Richie Diver, drummer Mike Ross and the latest addition, guitarist Ric Cardwell.

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