Maverick, DeVicious and Violet cancel tour in Germany and Switzerland as impossible to do financially

Maverick, DeVicious and Violet cancel tour in Germany and Switzerland as impossible to do financially

Maverick consisting of lead vocalist David Balfour, guitarists Ryan Sebastian Balfour and Ric Cardwell, bassist Richie Diver and drummer Mike Ross have elected to cancel their tour in Germany and Switzerland that was supposed to run from June 1 to 10, 2023.  The UK rockers also had two German bands — DeVicious and Violet — as support.

The following message was posted on Maverick‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Hello MAVERICK fans in Germany and Switzerland,

This is a message that we did not want to have to write.

We regret to announce that our June tour has to be cancelled.

This sucks.

We have always been honest with you all, and we have no intention of that stopping.

Financially, this tour became impossible to do.

There were no rockstar attitudes here. We were doing this on the lowest budget we could manage. We chose to crash on the floors of friends to avoid having hotel costs, to travel to and from one location, anything to save expenses to allow us this tour to happen.

Everything that we could do to bring the music to you, we tried to do, but it wasn’t good enough.

We understand in these uncertain times that pre sales were always a risky business, but with the low sales and increased costs, that made everything even harder.

The promoters themselves were also taking a risk and were willing to lose money just to put this tour on, so we thank them for that.

We understand the emotion that this message will cause, but DeVicious, Violet Official & ourselves are just as devastated as you are.

It may not be what you want to hear, but we will do everything in our power to bring another tour to you all.

You deserve that promise for the support you have given us over the years.

Know we love you all, and we are sorry that this has come to pass.

Ryan, Dave, Richie, Ric & Mike x”

Maverick‘s “Switchblade Sister” video (from Ethereality album):

DeVicious also posted a message on their Facebook account (which included the following proclamation — “The scene is dying”) earlier today:

“Dear fans,

Until last Saturday we were still wildly determined about the tour pull through ! Then suddenly the news came that the accommodation for Maverick and the Tour Staff had to be given elsewhere due to a family emergency. The unavoidable hotel costs would have been existential then.

We would have given up all comfort on this tour and drove home every night for the first 8 days and had private accommodation for all participants. Unfortunately that plan fell through.

We know pre-sales aren’t the final indicator of actual attendance, but existences can’t be endangered when hope is the only indicator of a successful outcome.

As I said before, the tour was booked for a very low budget, but even that doesn’t seem to be possible.

We would like to make it unambiguously clear that none of the organizers are at fault. They would have held the respective concert and spoiled us even if they had financial damage. It was ultimately us musicians and the management who decided against hosting the tour in June.


As we know the ticketing sites often don’t charge the fees pay back, we have the following offer for you: If you are charged by the ticket service, you can claim it directly from DeVicious. Submitting your invoice and tickets. Email us at with your ticketing bill and ticket after receiving the refund from the ticket vendor. Remember your account number or PayPal address. Provide Alternatives

We also like to offer you discounts on products in our shop. No one should lose a dime, we owe you that.

In conclusion : The scene is dying! Indie bands like us and thousands of others don’t have a chance in the concert market right now. The costs are relentlessly high, the prices we ask are too low to cover the costs and through the justified suspicion of getting tickets in the VVK, the plug will eventually be pulled. There is no one to blame here! We are all victims. After 3 years of no income, there is no universal solution here either. Our willingness to sell a few several thousand euros for this tour was absolutely there, but the whole thing has suddenly adopted dimensions where the bands can no longer decide on their own! Financial support from home would also be needed here. Music is as important and has become for all of us, if it would go to the family piggies a clear line must be drawn.”

DeVicious‘ “Are You Ready For Love” video (from upcoming album Code Red):

Violet‘s “Sophie” video (from Illusions album):