Meat Loaf Hates ‘Stupid English Festivals’


July 7, 2008

Rock legend Meat Loaf has vowed never to play at another “stupid” English music festival, because the crowds are too rowdy.

The Bat Out of Hell hit-maker once took to the stage of one U.K. festival with fellow American rockers Jefferson Starship, but he was left so unimpressed by the audience’s behavior, he has refused to return ever since. And he insists performing at more historic venues – like the 17th century Castle Howard in York, north east England – is much more pleasurable.

He says, “We played with Jefferson (Starship) at one of those stupid English festivals, and I do call them stupid because people behave like apes who haven’t eaten a banana in a week. I refuse to play them. I prefer venues like Castle Howard. It feels more like everybody is going to take a bottle of wine and a roasted chicken and pull it off like (late English king) Henry VIII: ‘Give me that leg woman…’ It is a more carnival-like atmosphere, and I do like carnivals.

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