Meat Loaf: “I’ll Never Give Up Showbusiness”


June 26, 2008

Legendary rocker Meat Loaf isn’t considering hanging up his microphone anytime soon – he has vowed to never give up performing.

The Bat Out Of Hell hit-maker canceled a string of gigs in the U.K. last year citing acute laryngitis and was ordered by medics to stay away from the stage for four to six weeks. And the star insists his time away from playing his dramatic shows for fans has made him realize he belongs in show business – and won’t ever consider doing anything else.

He says, “It’s like the old joke about the guy in the circus, right? He always wanted to be in show business so finally he got in the circus, and his job was walking behind the elephants cleaning up after them. He kept complaining and somebody finally said, ‘Just stop, you don’t need to keep doing this,’ and he said, ‘What? And give up show business?’

“What am I gonna do, run a hot dog stand? Be a real estate agent? I don’t know anything else.”

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