Megadeth watching developments closely with respect to David Ellefson’s leaked videos

Megadeth watching developments closely with respect to David Ellefson’s leaked videos

Megadeth have issued a statement with respect to the admittedly embarrassing events that have recently surfaced publicly  relating to bassist Dave Ellefson‘s private life.

In essence and according to Metal Sludge, Ellefson reportedly had some contacts over social media with a young woman who is currently 19 years old and for a period of about two years. Apparently some private video clips between Ellefson and the young woman were shared by a third party without authorization that have embarrassed Ellefson.

Both Ellefson and the young woman posted messages on Instagram earlier today to address the situation. Ellefson indicated in an Instagram post earlier today (as posted on Metal Sludge):

“Dear Fans & Friends,

As you may or not know, some private and personal conversations and interactions have surfaced online, released with ill intention by a third party who was not authorized to have them or share them. While certainly embarrassing, I want to address it as openly and honestly as possible.

As much as it’s not something I’m proud of, these were private, adult interactions that were taken out of context and manipulated to inflict maximum damage to my reputation my career and family.

The other party involved has made a statement which you can see below. I thank her for doing so and hope that this clarifies that the situation was not at all as presented.

Humbly Yours,

David Ellefson

The Instagram post from the young woman can be found in a screen shot on Metal Sludge‘s website and indicates in part: “I was just naive enough to record him and share it with a friend without his permission.” That Instagram post goes on to state: “I would ask that anyone sharing these personal private videos or any misinformation about them please stop.”

Megadeth appear to have taken a “wait and see” approach about Ellefson‘s situation with the following message on their Facebook page earlier today:

“We are aware of the recent statements regarding David Ellefson, and are watching developments closely.

As it relates to creativity and business, we are all familiar with one another. However, there are clearly aspects of David’s private life that he has kept to himself.

As this situation unfolds, it is important that all voices be heard clearly and respectfully. We look forward to the truth coming to light.”