Megarock Radio Is Back On The Air


October 19, 2008

That’s right – after a year and a half hiatus Megarock Radio has been dug up, reincarnated and jolted back to life at

There will be a few changes though. The music format will undergo a light change – the most extreme heavy metal stuff will go and be replaced with some great classic rock and metal that we’ve never played before. We will be what we started as – a classic rock, modern rock, alternative rock, hard rock and metal station. No more death metal or really extreme stuff (well, except in specialized radio shows). And yes, it’s still free to register, listen, use the forums, chat, blogs and everything else.

And most importantly this is not a ‘for profit’ station. We are not a corporation. We don’t sleep with record company execs. The sole reason we are here is because of listeners like you and the great music the artists give us – and connecting the two will always be our mission. But, not only can you connect to great music you can connect with people just like you – post in our forums, gather in the chat rooms or post your own blogs. Heck, we can even hook you up with your very own website. Yes, free.

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