MelodicRock Fest to provide its “side of the story” once refunds processed for this month’s Australia edition

MelodicRock Fest to provide its “side of the story” once refunds processed for this month’s Australia edition

There is no question that there were some critical errors along the way that caused the latest edition of MelodicRock Fest in Australia to change from a three day event at The National Theatre in Melbourne, Australia (from March 6 to 8, 2020) to a one day event at The Croxton Bandroom (on March 7, 2020) with the loss of many international bands including FireHouse, Eclipse, FM and Crazy Lixx.

The following message was posted on MelodicRock Fest‘s Facebook page about two hours ago:

“Dear All,

To keep you all up to date and to combat some of the statements that are being made and that are totally inaccurate & untrue.

Firstly and most importantly we will PAY all refunds back, we have never steered away from this commitment .

Yes, we admit and take full responsibility for the slowness of the refunds, but we are working hard on getting our new financial structure in place that will enable us to pay all outstanding refunds.

Our Accountants are telling us at MRF this will take between 2 – 4 weeks. We are sorry about this and we know we have said previously coming soon but we are only forwarding on what our financial team is telling us…

We have heard RUMOURS stating that MRF is going to rip you off…not true if so we would have closed everything down.

To date we have refunded over 106 Tickets with 62 Tickets to go.

We apologise again to those who are still waiting and fully understand your frustration we wish to have this finalised as quick as you all do….

Unfortunately a small number keep putting up wrong information etc, especially people who are not even from this country and did not attend the event or buy tickets or require refunds.

You as individuals have the right to take what ever course of action you choose and we respect this.

We have continued to answer well over 90% of queries sent to our email. We may have missed a few, but also our staff have been told to delete any foul language or repeated harassment that is not within Facebook guidelines.

We again are sorry for what has occurred and wish for all our sakes it had not…there is two sides to every story and our side will be published once all refunds are completed.

Thank you

MRF Team

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its concert review of MelodicRock Fest‘s one-day event at The Croxton Bandroom in Melbourne, Australia on March 7, 2020:

“It’s hard to write this review without at least mentioning the debacle in the lead up to this event. Bands pulling out, venue cancellation, three days reduced to one, innuendo surrounding who was to blame…were we ever going to see the light of day for MRF 2020? From the list of 25 bands/artists that were on the initial bill, only nine actually fronted the fans and now, even as a write this after the event, the turmoil is still lingering on.

However, I’m not writing this to add my thoughts on that. I attended as a fan of melodic rock to see artists that I’ve only dreamed of seeing. As they say in the classics, the show must go on…and it did! Did the crowd turn up? Not really (I’ll say more about that later). But for the three or four hundred that did attend, I’m confident that I speak on behalf of most (if not all) that we witnessed a treat and I hope you enjoy this review.”