Metal Heaven Records Ready To Release Bad Habit And Vengeance Albums


January 7, 2009

Georg Siegl of Metal Heaven Records ( has posted the following press release regarding the labels upcoming CD releases:

“Hope you had a good start into the new year. Don’t think that I was lazy hanging around – as you can see at there is some nice action already going on that early in the new year and I really hope to satisfy our customers with more great music in the next twelve months.

In label related news both our January releases BAD HABIT and VENGEANCE get fave rave reviews nearly everywhere. It’s a very nice start for our label into the new year and I can promise the strongest bunch of releases on our label since we started the whole thing.

I just got the master for the new NASTY IDOLS album “Boys Town” (release due late March) and it’s a kick ass Sleaze monster, which will please every fan of MOTLEY CRUE’s classic “Shout At The Devil” album.

Over the New Years eve we have signed another established hard rock shouter for a solo album, the details will get announced due soon. Around the same time we hope to announce another really big signing – maybe there are already good news to come up by next week.

Don’t forget to check our label website for the latest news, soundbytes and video clips.

Have a great week”

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