Metal Sludge principal Stevie Rachelle calls out Melodic Rock Fest

Metal Sludge principal Stevie Rachelle calls out Melodic Rock Fest

This year’s Melodic Rock Fest in Australia did proceed (on Saturday, March 7, 2020) but it was not anything close to what was advertised even two weeks prior to the event taking place.

The three day festival was reduced to a one day event. The venue changed from The National Theatre (an all ages venue) in Melbourne to The Croxton Bandroom, which is located about 30 minutes away and requires patrons to be 18 years of age.

Seven of the 12 main bands (including the headliner FireHouse) on the main Melodic Rock Fest poster ended up pulling out in the two weeks leading up to the festival.

While there is no question that the Melodic Rock Fest should be commended and proud to have been able to at least somewhat salvage the situation and deliver some kind of festival this weekend that includes at least some of its advertised acts, the reality is that the final product delivered was a mere fraction of what was advertised even two weeks prior to the festival’s start date.

Metal Sludge principal and Tuff‘s long-time frontman Stevie Rachelle has apparently had enough and took to Facebook today to call out the Melodic Rock Fest including its former owner Andrew McNeice.

The following message was posted on one of Rachelle‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“My rant on Melodic Rock Fest’s Facebook group., as they announce yet another “last minute” cancellation of their 3-day festival with 2 dozen plus bands, and 6 of the main 9 all pulled out. And 2 of the 3 who still appear, are basically a guy and his acoustic.

And to everyone praising Kip Winger’s post, how he’s a hero and he’s still coming – well, note that Kip has 8 shows in Australia. Even if MRF screws him financially and his contract is not meant (FYI: Kip has already admitted to this) he has 6-7 other shows that he will be paid on.

I have no issue with Kip going, but let’s be clear, he’s not flying 15,000 miles (just) to play this pile up of an event.

It’s not okay, and not cool to advertise, promote, and pimp $500 weekend packages, or meet n greet packages costing even more and then in the last 4-5 days losing 75% of the “name” talent, the Venue itself and reducing a 3 day event to 1 .., and then having delusional types saying, “well they tried to make a cool festival”, ummm, bullish!t.

Or, the MRF people saying “Sure we’ve made some mistakes…” and wording their updates like the bands decided to pull out, and quickly adding “But we still have a great show planned” type drivel.

The bands didn’t pull out for no other reasons, than their agreement with Melodic Rock Fest was breeched, bongled (is that even a word), clusterfu€ked and money wasn’t made whole as contractually agreed upon.

Their (MRF) excuses don’t fly, they knew this was an inevitable colossal failure (months ago I may add) and now lots of fans are out HUNDREDS and some THOUSANDS of dollars.

Not okay..,

Someone needs to call these guys out, and today that is me.

I can’t be more serious when posting, what a load of bullish!t.

MRF your choice of words sucks balls.

All this didn’t fall apart in the last 1-2 weeks folks.

No, this event was in trouble months and months ago.

As in, last year.

But, like “some” promoters, who continue to deny their inevitable colossal failure, they not only misinform you the fans, but they actually are lying (kidding) themselves.

There is some whacky delusional fanboy gene that enters the mind, and they allow their own love of this music, or a certain artist’s music, to convince them that 1,500, or 2,000 others were thinking the same thing.

Obviously, they weren’t.

My best guess, is they didn’t sell 200-300 advance tickets to this.

And that was clear many months ago.

But instead of making the much needed severe adjustments to the calendar (line-up), they like Rock N’ Skull, Rock Harvest, Rock Gone Wild & others – just continued to hope.

To dream.

To fantasize, that by posting some “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” sale, or “Meet n’ Greet” acoustic jam pre-party nonsense was going to suddenly blow the ticket sales into the roof.

Didn’t happen.

Wasn’t going to happen.And many insiders, other agents, and select industry types knew this was a dumpster fire.

I’m not here to talk shit.

But I do talk reality.

I tell the truth.

I am honest.

My site, Metal Sludge has been bringing readers HONEST opinions, and the FACTS for over 2 decades.

I don’t do such, for no other reason, than to be a hater.

Nope. Not the case.

I have WAY more friends than enemies, and I have been fighting the good fight and flying the flag for 80’s rock, hard rock and the related the whole way.

But when I see people, screwing over fans, selling $500 weekend tickets, or $1500+ meet n greet packages, and then failing to follow through.

Well, guess what, that borders on criminal.

Especially, when the promoters are playing with a fans emotions, promising the moon, and then delivering FAR less.

This is not to piss on ANY of the bands (still) appearing.

But, 6 of the main attractions, including THE headliner, are all not going to appear.

Shame on you Melodic Rock Fest.

And yes, that includes you Andrew McNeice.

You have been “heavily involved” from the word go.

You know this, time to own it.

It just wasn’t “your money” but rather someone else’s.

Now you are posting bullshit on your wall about how crazy your day has been with finger pointing, or questions, etc..

Answer them!

Own it.

You’ve taken all the kudos for the past success of MRF, now accept the ass kicking for the failure in 2020.

I’m not on the bill. Never wanted to be on the bill, and have no reason to write this rant, other than to call you out.

The festival out. And whoever your partners, investors are.

Now refund ALL who ask for it and if you all pull some bullshit next Monday, and everyone gets screwed.., well, you will be reading my words again.

Stevie Rachelle Tuff

Stevie Rachelle