Metallica Causes Police To Piss On Fans


February 12, 2009

A local police officer who had a disciplinary hearing before selectmen yesterday for alleged drunken and lewd behavior at a Metallica concert on Jan. 18, will also have a hearing in Boston on whether he should be charged with a felony.

Brewster police Officer Joseph Houston allegedly pulled down his pants and urinated on a member of a family sitting in the row in front of him at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, according to reports from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Transit Police and Boston police. He then verbally and physically harassed the female members of the family with his pants still down and penis exposed, according to police.

Houston was thrown out of the concert by security personnel. Transit police then told him to leave or face arrest for trespassing but he attempted to re-enter the concert by flashing his badge and telling them he was a Brewster police officer, according to the police reports. He was then arrested and charged with trespassing, a misdemeanor.

But this week, Boston police detectives asked for a clerk magistrate’s hearing in Boston Municipal Court on March 5 on possible felony charges, Boston police spokesman Officer Eddy Chrispin said yesterday. The family filed a complaint with Boston police after the concert.

Yesterday, at least five people testified in a closed session before selectmen. They included a transit police officer, two Brewster police officers, and two of the family members Houston allegedly assaulted.

Brewster Police Chief Richard Koch has said in past interviews that no other Brewster officers face disciplinary actions for the incident. The Times could not confirm yesterday if the two officers were at the concert.

The selectmen can find Houston not guilty, impose a penalty, or terminate Houston’s employment for his actions that night. Yesterday, they decided they needed at least another day of hearings to allow Houston’s attorney to present his defense.

Selectman Peter Norton, chairman of the board, said he could not release the date of Houston’s second disciplinary hearing, but that it would be posted.

Patrick Bryant, Houston’s attorney, would not let his client comment after the hearing, but did say that he continues to deny all the allegations brought against him.

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