Metallica Perform Two New Songs At Reading Show


August 24, 2008

Metallica played two new songs from the ‘Death Magnetic’ album at their Reading show last night.

The band performed ‘Cyanide’ as well as the new song ‘The Day That Never Comes’.

‘Cyanide’ was debuted a few weeks ago in the USA. ‘The Day That Never Comes’ started getting radio airplay over the weekend.

Here is the Metallica setlist from last night’s Reading performance:
For Whom The Bell Tolls (from Ride The Lightning, 1984)
Ride The Lightning (from Ride The Lightning, 1984)
Harvester Of Sorrow (from …And Justice For All, 1988)
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (from Master of Puppets, 1986)
Cyanide (from Death Magnetic, 2008)
…And Justice For All (from …And Justice For All, 1988)
No Remorse (from Kill Em All, 1983)
The Day That Never Comes (from Death Magnetic, 2008)
Master Of Puppets (from Master of Puppets, 1986)
Motorbreath (from Kill Em All, 1983)
Nothing Else Matters (from Metallica, 1991)
Sad But True (from Metallica, 1991)
One (from …And Justice For All, 1988)
Enter Sandman (from Metallica, 1991)
Last Caress (Danzig cover, from Cunning Stunts)
So What (from Metallica, 1991)
Seek And Destroy (from Ride The Lightning, 1984)

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