Metallica’s James Hetfield Slams Axl Rose’s Tour Rider

Metallica’s James Hetfield Slams Axl Rose’s Tour Rider

September 23, 2010

Metallica frontman James Hetfield famously slammed Axl Rose’s rider when they toured together in the early 90’s in a video that became a YouTube hit.

Hetfield picks up where he left off with Axl’s 2010 rider and tells Triple M Sydney‘s rockin’ Byron Cooke what he really thinks of Guns N’ Roses. See how the vids compare!

“I’ve got nothing against Guns ‘n’ Roses,” Hetfield tells Byron. “I mean, he’s doing what he wants to do at this point. I don’t know if there’s much ‘guns’ or ‘roses’ in any of that, but it’s Axl, and he is Axl and he has not changed or waned one bit, and I kind of respect that.”

Hetfield’s amusing stab at Axl’s 1991 rider took place on the Metallica/Guns ‘n’ Roses dual headlining tour of America, a series of shows that took place on GNR’s Use Your Illusion Tour and Metallica’s Wherever They May Roam Tour, both the band’s biggest tours to date.

Axl’s requirements haven’t changed much over two decades. The same booze, the same cheese … however, Axl now needs a bed in his dressing room, “What does he do, sleep at the gig?” Hetfield laughs.

Back when the infamous Axl Pose clip was captured, both bands were clocking up heavy mileage on the road and tensions were already mounting. The agitation escalated further when Hetfield suffered third degree burns from the band’s pyrotechnics during “Fade To Black” at their show in Montreal and was rushed offstage to hospital.

Axl not only refused to go onstage until much later, he stopped the show early, professing a sore throat. The incensed crowd rioted and looted the place, causing thousands of dollars of damage. Check out the full list of lunatic moments on the GNR Use Your Illusion Tour here.

Metallica are returning to Australia this October and November for the next round of shows, and GNR will touch down this December to perform live at the V8 Supercars, missing each other by a matter of weeks. Would they ever tour together again? We doubt it!

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