Michael Monroe Documentary available for viewing

Michael Monroe Documentary available for viewing

Great news for fans of Hanoi Rocks and their frontman Michael Monroe as a Documentary from Elisa Viihteessä on the iconic frontman is now available for viewing. You can rent to view or purchase the documentary via Elisa Viihde‘s website.

Elisa Viihde‘s website indicates (with Google translation from Finnish to English with slight edits):

“Exclusively in Elisa Entertainment! The documentary breaks the life of one of Finland’s most beloved rock stars. Let’s experience the rise and fall of Hanoi Rocks, and get an answer to what makes Monroe continue as energetic from year to year.”

The comments below originate from the Michael Monroe Documentary Trailer video (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx):

Michael Monroe: “I discovered rock n’ roll. I saw Black Sabbath on TV. I was like, ‘Aaaah.’ I decided, ‘I’ll be you know a rocker.'”

Slash (Guns N’ Roses): “Extremely talented. Very enthusiastic.

Dregen: “Energy, pure energy.”

Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters): “The ideal frontman.”

Slash (Guns n’ Roses): “Hanoi Rocks had a certain look, a certain attitude, and Mike Monroe embodies that.”

Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters): “They were a rock n’ roll band but not in that goofball heavy metal sort of way.”

Michael Monroe Documentary Trailer video: