Michael Monroe Rehearsing New Songs In L.A.

Michael Monroe Rehearsing New Songs In L.A.

January 22, 2010

Former Hanoi Rocks singer Michael Monroe is in Los Angeles working on new songs. He has issued the following statement, “I’ve been in L.A. now for almost two weeks rehearsing with my new band andit’s going great! The band is sounding killer and we’re having a reallygood time working and stuff. I’m really happy and excited about this.Next week you also will know who’s in the band.

We’ve already got aboutan album’s worth of material written and rehearsed, but we’re still gonnawrite some more, as we’re in no hurry to get into the studio until sometime during the spring to record the album. We do wanna release somethingbefore the summer, though. If not the whole record, at least a couple ofsongs or so. We’re also rehearsing the live set and I must say I’vereally missed playing a lot of my solo stuff over the past few years.Especially songs from “Not Fakin’ It” and “Demolition 23″. The plan is tostart playing live shows in March.

Of course the weather in L.A. has been horrible just for this time that I’mhere. Apparently it hasn’t rained like this for over 20 years or so, butwhat the hell – you gotta love it! Surely it’s a bit scary with the stormwarnings and stuff. The Haiti disaster is really disturbing too. I’mglad so many rich people here are actually doing a lot about it to help.

Other than that, Hollywood is Hollywood and you do see a lot ofinteresting characters on the streets around here.

Anyway, stay with us because these are really exciting times!”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.myspace.com/michaelmonroeofficial