Michael Monroe to release new solo album ‘One Man Gang’ in spring 2019

Michael Monroe to release new solo album ‘One Man Gang’ in spring 2019

Former Hanoi Rocks lead vocalist Michael Monroe was recently interviewed by Heavy TV where he revealed that he will be releasing a new solo album titled One Man Gang in the spring of 2019 and possibly in the month of April. Monroe is backed by guitarists, Steve Conte and Rich Jones, bassist Sam Yaffa and drummer Karl Rockfist.

With respect to the new album name One Man Gang, Monroe advised (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “It’s a song. It’s the first song on the album. It’s one of the songs…. I decided that since the band is called Michael Monroe, the name of the band is Michael Monroe, the name of a person is ‘One Man Gang.’ A whole gang of me [laughs].”

Monroe continued: “If I had a choice of playing with anybody, alive or dead, in the world, I would choose these guys. That’s how important they are to me.” When pointed out to the former Hanoi Rocks singer that he has four other really good writers in his band, Monroe stated: “I want to keep everybody happy around me. Everybody is allowed to write. Steve Conte [brought] exceptional, totally outstanding material. And Rich Jones now came through amazingly on this record. Yeah. I swear, I had, like, five or six songs of my own, and I was, like, ‘Okay, that’s out. I’m taking Rich‘s, because his are better. You know.'”

Interview with Michael Monroe by Heavy TV:


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