Michael Schenker calls brother and ex-Scorpions bandmate Rudolf Schenker a “fame junkie”

Michael Schenker calls brother and ex-Scorpions bandmate Rudolf Schenker a “fame junkie”

Former Scorpions and UFO guitarist Michael Schenker was recently interviewed by Duke TV and continues to have some choice words to say about his brother and ex-Scorpions bandmate Rudolf Schenker.

Michael Schenker advised (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx with slight edits):

“The other thing with Rudolf, I always supported him and I think up to 2015, I always said ‘Hey! More power to Rudolf‘ and so on. I could never understand how he could do so much with so little because he can’t really play guitar, you know? And so… When I left the Scorpions and left the machine, I never checked on anything that was happening because I wasn’t involved, you know. It was only in 2015 when I was approached to do, to help with the Scorpions box, that i realized that I was not credited for “Holiday”, that I was not… That Rudolf asked me she we did Lovedrive if I would give him my compensation of “Coast To Coast.” I was wondering why but said, ‘Hey, you can have it.’ I gave it to him as a present and then he asked me, ‘Can I play your black and white guitar?’ Ummm. Why would he want to do that? ‘OK, go ahead’ you know. So then he died his hair blond you know and I was out of the machine.

I opened the doors to America for the Scorpions. I guess that he wanted to pretend that he was me. I don’t know but they did not credit me. In fact, [the] re-release of Lovedrive, which I helped to open up for them to get their chance in America, they even left my name out completely. So I found out all these things. No picture. I had a contract with them to be sixth member. I should have had a picture in there. No picture. In the end, no name. Rudolf actually performed my songs that he took from me; that I gave to him as a present and I went like wait a minute. What do you do with people that bully and you know, manipulate, and trick you into things, and rip you off basically? I decided, ‘Stay away.’ He’s got a new life, a new wife, a baby, and I think from the eyes of the baby, I think he’ll realize something. Being a fame junkie you know, fabricating it. People like that, it’s basically like addicted to heroin. They’ll walk through dead bodies to keep it all going for themselves.”

Duke TV‘s interview with Michael Schenker:

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