Michael Schenker opines that Klaus Meine carrying the Scorpions and only artist in the band

Michael Schenker opines that Klaus Meine carrying the Scorpions and only artist in the band

Former Scorpions and UFO guitarist Michael Schenker was recently interviewed by The Metal Voice‘s Jimmy Kay and the former had some choice word for his brother and Scorpions rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker.

When asked if he was still upset at his brother after the re-release box set of the Scorpions Lovedrive album, Michael Schenker stated (as transcribed by The Metal Voice with slight edits): “My brother is a cheat. I stay away from him. Disrespectful disgracefully and let him be who he wants to be . I just cant trust him and I just stay away from him as far as I can because he rips me off whenever he can. He copied everything I did. If he wants some goodness to come out of it he has to clean his side of the street that’s up to him. Klaus Meine (Scorpions) is pure soul. He is the only artist in the band, he is carrying the whole Scorpions.

My sister said to me Rudolf is a greedy wanker. It raised concern and when they approached me with a 2015 Scorpions re-issue of Lovedrive and presented a completely false bio for the album, I was very disappointed. They lied about everything. I was the one who helped them out and opened the doors for America for the Scorpions. It wasn’t therm helping me. I had a contract for Lovedrive as a sixth member of the band. There should have been a picture in there of me. They should have mentioned I wrote the intro to “Holiday” and the song “Coast To Coast” which I gave him my writing credits to Rudolf. Why does Rudolf play a black and white guitar? Why does he dye his hair white? Rudolf was pretending to be me. Do you think Rudolf gives anybody his share in songwriting? Rudolf Schenker is a desperate wanna be who rips his brother off. Rudolf cannot play guitar believe me.”

The Metal Voice‘s interview with Michael Schenker:

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