Michael Sweet and Sebastian Bach bury the hatchet

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Michael Sweet and Sebastian Bach bury the hatchet

All it took was apparently a face to face meeting but it appears that whatever issues were between Stryper frontman Michael Sweet and former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach are now behind them after the duo met in person at the latest instalment of the KISS Kruise.

The following message was posted in part on Sweet‘s Facebook page earlier today with a photo from Annie Lobert of presumably himself and Bach hugging:

“One of the best moments of my life. Forgiveness. When you can forgive, you can do anything. Brothers….

Thank you @kisskruiseofficial and thank you @paulgargano


Back in November 2016, a rather surprising “feud” had emerged between the two singers who were trading verbal salvos at each other. Sweet had indicated that Moriah Formica, who was a teenage female singer at the time, had “smoked” Bach with her version of the classic Skid Row song “I Remember You.” Bach replied that Sweet had a “big fucking mouth.” Interestingly, Sweet had at one point considered working as a producer for Bach‘s new record at the request of reportedly the latter’s label. Perhaps these plans will now come to fruition after all.