Michael Sweet explains why he ranked the album ‘Against The Law’ last among Stryper albums

Michael Sweet explains why he ranked the album ‘Against The Law’ last among Stryper albums

One day after ranking the Stryper albums from first to last, the group’s outspoken frontman Michael Sweet has provided an explanation as to why he ranked the 1990 released album Against The Law dead last.

Wikipedia states the following about Against The Law: “Against the Law is the fifth release, and fifth studio album, from the Christian metal band Stryper, released on August 21, 1990 (see 1990 in music). Three singles/video were released for this album including “Shining Star”, “Two Time Woman” and “Lady” but received minimal airplay.

This album marked a radical change in the musical and visual direction of the band. Gone were the yellow and black spandex outfits, the bold evangelical lyrics and the familiar yellow-and-black band logo with Isaiah 53:5. In their place were leather outfits, and lyrics more focused on rock n’ roll and relationships, although arguably from a Christian worldview. The album was praised by many critics as the band’s strongest work to date, but a large percentage of Stryper‘s Christian fanbase felt betrayed by this unannounced creative metamorphosis, and many of them accused Stryper of selling out their image and message for greater mainstream acceptance. As a result, Against the Law sold poorly compared to the band’s previous gold and platinum releases.”

The following message was posted on Sweet‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Hey guys,

So my post about Stryper albums ranked best to worst (my list mind you) seemed to set a few people off. I put ATL at the bottom of the list?

There are many reasons why. First, we changed everything that made us stand out. Our look, our sound, our message, our attitudes, everything! We broke (and broke very big) based on the y&b, original tones, original/classic songs and being absolutely one of a kind. Then we changed it all.

All of a sudden we weren’t really Stryper anymore, we were just another band. Like it or not, it really didn’t work either. The album tanked (compared to ALL the other albums) and it just didn’t resonate with the majority of the fans.

Some have said that it was a sign of the times. Grunge had moved in and metal was out. Interestingly, two years later my first solo album outsold ATL two to one and that album was as arena rock/80’s sounding as they come. And it was only released through the Christian market.

I get that we gained some new fans based on the new sound and that there are memories connected to that but with that being said, it just wasn’t a great time for the band IMO.

With all that being said, it’s one of my least favorite Stryper albums. There are some really great songs on it and everyone performed at the top of their game but, due to all the changes and the issues at the time, I can’t rank it much higher. GDE, Soldiers Under Command, THWTD, NMHTP, Fallen, IGWT – those will always be at the top of my list for so many reasons.

I will be doing an interview with Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon this coming week to discuss in depth my Stryper album list/ranking and why? Hope you guys check it out?

God bless you all – Love & Respect,