Michael Sweet pays tribute to ailing Stryper bandmate Oz Fox and explains decision to do Aussie dates

Photo by Rob Ellis

Michael Sweet pays tribute to ailing Stryper bandmate Oz Fox and explains decision to do Aussie dates

With Stryper guitarist Oz Fox having suffered a seizure at a Sin City Sinners‘ show at Harrah’s Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on Saturday, August 11, 2018 and being instructed not to drive or fly for the next 90 days, Stryper had to make the difficult decision of what to do with their upcoming Australia and Japan tour dates.

Photo by Rob Ellis

The following message was posted on Michael Sweet‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“I met Oz when I was almost 13 years old. We went to high school together and we’ve been through it all together. We’ve been a “duo” for almost our entire lives and I love him. He’s family and a brother to me. Unexpectedly Oz fell ill and is now in the hospital. We’re all waiting to hear good news and we’re all praying deeply for that? We so appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

The internet is a great place to rally people for support and if there was ever a time for that, now is the time.

This happened just a few days before we were to leave for Australia & Japan for a two week run. We spent Sunday & Monday speaking with promoters trying to figure out how to proceed. We were able to postpone Japan (which was and is our first option). We tried to postpone the Australian dates as well but due to financial restraints (on the Australian side mind you), we made the very difficult decision to go after all and do what is best for all involved.

The first thing we did was to get Oz’s blessing and being the person that Oz is, we received that. Although it will not be the same at all without Oz, we did what we felt we had to do and we did it the best way we possibly could.

The important thing right now is Oz’s health and well being. Please continue to pray for him at this time. Pray for Annie and his family as well. We’ll be releasing updates as they come in.

We look forward to seeing you all on the road – with our brother, friend and partner Oz.

Thank you?