Michael Sweet ranks his top three favorite Stryper albums

Michael Sweet ranks his top three favorite Stryper albums

Stryper‘s frontman Michael Sweet was recently interviewed by Bangs! Music & Entertainment and he was asked where he would rank Stryper‘s twelfth studio album Fallen, which happened to finish #9 on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2015.


Photo by Rob Ellis

Sweet responded as follows to the question pertaining to the Fallen album: “I think it is one of our best albums. I would say in order my number one Stryper album would be, ‘Soldiers Under Command‘ and my number two would be a toss up between, ‘No More Hell To Pay‘ and ‘Fallen.’ ‘Fallen‘ is the mature side of Stryper. Its style, the perfect merge of everything we want, to the heaviness to the melodious. It is the perfect representation of Stryper. If someone came up to me and asked which album they should buy, I would say, ‘Fallen.'”

Sweet was also asked why Stryper‘s colours were yellow and black to which he replied: “Well, actually my brother started a long time ago in Stryper painting his drum kit yellow and black. It was even striped actually, it was some crazy thing. Then he started doing other things striped. He did his guitar, cables, clothes and then asked if he could start doing it to the rest of the band’s stuff.

It’s funny actually. People when they hear that story seemed to get a little irritable because it isn’t tied to Stryper exactly. It is more like Stryper is tied to it. Just remember us for our music, I would rather be remembered by that than the yellow and black.”

You can read the rest of the interview at Bangs! Music & Entertainment.