Michael Sweet reveals potential tracks to be re-recorded for Stryper’s upcoming ‘Third Coming’ album

Michael Sweet reveals potential tracks to be re-recorded for Stryper’s upcoming ‘Third Coming’ album

Back in 2013, Stryper released their album Second Coming, which consisted of 14 re-recorded tracks and two new songs. Stryper are apparently contemplating releasing another record of re-recorded songs and frontman Michael Sweet has revealed the songs that are being considered in that regard.

The following message was posted on Sweet‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“When we finally get around to recording “Third Coming”, we’ll re-record songs from IGWT & ATL as well as 2 more from The Y&B Attack. Here’s a potential list:

Always There For You
Keep The Fire Burning
The Writings On The Wall
The World of You & I
Rock The People
Two Bodies (One Mind, One Soul)
Caught In The Middle
All For One
Rock The Hell Out of You
You Know What To Do
Come On Rock”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Stryper‘s album Second Coming:

Stryper‘s ‘new’ release Second Coming consists of 14 re-recorded classics and two new cuts — “Bleeding From The Inside” and “Blackened”. Fans might frown at bands issuing re-recorded material, and it’s a hard sell to people that already own the previous recordings, however this album serves a purpose. Second Coming is a way for the Christian rockers to gain ownership of the masters to these recordings — they can control and license out the songs as they wish, or to whom.

These days, when albums like Second Coming see the light of day, there is usually a bonus disc included with an all new material. But as previously stated, only two new songs are featured on this compilation alongside concert staples like “Soldiers Under Command”, “Reach Out”, “To Hell With The Devil”, “Calling On You”, “Free”, “Sing A Long Song” and a number of deeper cuts. Surprisingly the ballad “Honestly”, one Stryper‘s shining moments and one their most popular songs, was left out of this collection. Also missing is material from Against The Law — though it didn’t sell a lot of copies when it was released it did contain a few gems.

The new recordings on Second Coming have a consistent, rawer, and livelier sound than their slick and overly produced predecessors.”