Michael Sweet to tour in 2017 behind new solo album ‘One Sided War’

Michael Sweet to tour in 2017 behind new solo album ‘One Sided War’

Stryper‘s frontman Michael Sweet has announced that he plans on touring sometime in 2017 in support of his upcoming new solo album One Sided War that will apparently be released in June 2016. It appears that such a tour would be focused on Sweet’s solo material released in the last fifteen years.

Michael Sweet photoSweet posted the following message on his Facebook account yesterday:

“I’ve NEVER been more excited about any album I’ve recorded as much as I am for the new solo album, “One Sided War” (coming soon via Rat Pak Records). I haven’t toured with a solo band since 2001! I’ll be putting together a killer band comprised of the best musicians and touring sometime in 2017 – there’s just too many solo albums (MS, Real, Truth, I’m Not Your Suicide, One Sided War) that need to be heard live. It’s happening;-)”

Sweet has released a number of solo albums over the years including the EP Unstryped in 1992, Michael Sweet in 1994, Real in 1995, Truth in 1998, Him in 2006, Touched in 2007 and I’m Not Your Suicide in 2014.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Sweet‘s last studio album I’m Not Your Suicide: “The musicianship throughout I’m Not Your Suicide is top notch and this is one of those releases that keeps getting better every time I listen to it. The album is definitely on the lighter side of rock that I would normally listen to, but since Sweet‘s vocals sound so good on it, I find myself longing to hear the album over and over.”