Mick Mars Featured In New Pop Evil Music Video

Mick Mars Featured In New Pop Evil Music Video

May 25, 2012

Check out the new music video from Pop Evil called “Boss’s Daughter” — it features Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars, who co-wrote the song with the band, and Playboy Playmate Jessa Hinton.

Since re-releasing their first record in 2008, Pop Evil has developed their following the hard way. They have toured the US continuously since their first release, playing nearly 400 shows in two years and only taking time off to record their new album, ‘War Of Angels’.

‘War Of Angels’ is a testimony to Pop Evil’s resilience. Having been down a major label route fraught with the frustrations felt by far too many bands, the group has emerged with a Top 5 Active Rock single.

Coming from Michigan, one of the states in the nation hit hardest by the economic downturn, Pop Evil knows something about hardship and the heart that it takes to persevere, to overcome and to conquer. They know the meaning of hard work, too. Their indie debut, ‘Lipstick On The Mirror’, resulted in a re-release through a major label and several inroads on rock radio but it’s been word-of-mouth and live shows that have really driven the recently renewed momentum behind the band as their unique story continues to build.

The songs on ‘War Of Angels’ reflect the various shapes, colors and emotions represented in a Pop Evil performance. The album provides a brilliant showcase for Leigh Kakaty’s impressive range and various approaches, the guitar showmanship of Dave Grahs and Tony Greve, the solid bottom end of Matt DiRito and the rhythmic pulse of drummer Dylan Allison.

Visit www.popevil.com and www.facebook.com/popevil for more information.

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