Mickey Finn Sets The Record Straight Regarding Jetboy Departure Remarks

Mickey Finn Sets The Record Straight Regarding Jetboy Departure Remarks

November 24, 2010

Mickey Finn, former lead vocalist for Jetboy, would like to clarify some remarks made in a previous press release and subsequent interviews regarding that release.

In the initial release, Mickey gave the impression that he was unhappy with the way the band has been managed for the past four years. Mickey Finn in no way meant to include Richard Riis of R&R Management in that assessment. “Richard got us some amazing gigs, and some guarantees that never would have materialized had he not been in the picture”, says Mickey. “We played Rocklahoma, M3 (twice), South Texas Rock Fest, and a myriad of other amazing shows. Good Lord, the guy got us gigs we never could have dreamed of on our own”.

“As I said on the Rock and Roll Geek Show with Michael Butler last week, it was more about the guys in the band not managing ourselves right, and not being willing to go all-in. I guess I just said it wrong, and I never meant to give off the wrong impression. The band’s publicist Ray Miller has stepped up and is helping out with managing the band now, and he too has done great work on Jetboy’s behalf. “

Mickey Finn is no longer doing interviews regarding Jetboy and asks that the press respect his decision to move on to his new project with the Cold Blue Rebels. Mickey Finn wishes his former bandmates Billy Rowe, Fernie Rod, Jess Reckless, Jessie Mendez and their new vocalist DK Revelle nothing but the best and encourages fans in Europe to embrace the tour and to support Jetboy.

“I know how tough it is to be a frontman. I’ve seen the video of DK fronting Jetboy (viewable below), and I think the guy is doing great with the gig. I’d love to be doing it myself, and if I didn’t say that it feels weird to see someone else fronting the band I’d be lying to you. That being said, I hope DK continues to kick some ass my friends keep blowing away audiences. Jetboy will always have a special place in my heart, and I truly wish the guys health and happiness.”.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.myspace.com/coldbluerebels