Midnight Angel reform and release video for “Shotgun Sally”

Midnight Angel reform and release video for “Shotgun Sally”

Philadephia, Pennsylvania, USA rockers Midnight Angel have reformed and released a video for their song “Shotgun Sally.”

The band consists of drummer Damien MonteCarlo (Mach 22, Lady Diesel, Juliet’s Vice), lead vocalist Bobby Tuggle, guitarist Mike Gallagher and bassist Stevie Lang (Loaded Gun).

Midnight Angel‘s “Biography” on their Facebook page states:

Midnight Angel formed in 1996. With the goal to to resurrect melodic hard rock with flashy guitar and to bring back the image and stage presence of the real rock stars who entertain and know how to have fun and also put on a great show.”

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, MonteCarlo explained why Midnight Angel have decided to reform after all these years. MonteCarlo advised: “We all realized that this is the 20th anniversary of when we founded the band back when we were teenagers and just kinda felt that we have some unfinished business to take care of. The last time we played together was about 11 years ago.”

Midnight Angel‘s “Shotgun Sally” video:

Midnight Angel – Shotgun Sally (Official Video)

Midnight Angel – Shotgun Sally Bobby Tuggle – VocalsMike Gallagher – Guitar Stevie Lang – BassDamian MonteCarlo – Drums Video edited by Zakki BlakkCopyright …