Midnight Malice release fall 2015 update via loose video interview

Midnight Malice release fall 2015 update via loose video interview

Midnight Malice, Toronto, Canada’s self-proclaimed Bad Boys of Metal, have released a rather loose video interview, which provides an update on what the band is doing for the fall of 2015.

When asked what is going on with the band, drummer Hunter Raymond stated, “We’re trying to work on some new songs. We’re trying to get a new album together.” New bassist Tom Gervais piped in, “You know what? You know what’s different? You know what’s different from the old album? Tommy G! I am playing on the new one. It’s all about fuckin’ ripping!” When asked what the band brings to the table, lead vocalist and guitarist Caleb Beal advised, “You know, mostly big dicks. We bring big dicks down.” — before being reprimanded for being unprofessional.

Midnight Malice released their debut album Proving Grounds back in January 2014. Sleaze Roxx stated the following about the album: “Midnight Malice plays straight up old-school metal with mesmerizing guitar solos. I find it hard to describe the band’s exact sound, but certainly lead singer and guitarist Caleb Beal‘s vocals sound a lot like a young John Bush fronting Armored Saint on their classic album March Of The Saint. You can also hear other influences such as Metallica‘s Kill ‘Em All and early Iron Maiden with the two lead guitarists trading furious but melodic solos.” In addition, Sleaze Roxx opined that, “Their sound is similar to a lot of the new bands playing traditional metal, however they combine it with a grittier element. While many new traditional metal bands take Iron Maiden as their main influence, what I’m hearing more of with Midnight Malice is a mid-’80s Metallica sound with a dirtier Motorhead edge to it — Lemmy would be proud.”

Proving Grounds went on to land the number ten spot on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2014.

Midnight Malice are scheduled to play live at the Coalition in Toronto on November 21, 2015.