Midnite City drop video for single “Hardest Heart To Break” from upcoming album ‘In At The Deep End’

Midnite City drop video for single “Hardest Heart To Break” from upcoming album ‘In At The Deep End’

UK rockers Midnite City consisting of frontman Rob Wylde, lead guitarist Miles Meakin, keyboardist Shawn Charvette, bassist Josh “Tabbie” Williams and new drummer Ryan Briggs have unveiled a video for their latest single “Hardest Heart To Break” from their upcoming fourth full-length studio album In At The Deep End, which will be released via Pride & Joy Music on June 23, 2023 and via Marquee Avalon in Japan on June 21, 2023.

Track List for In At The Deep End:
01. Outbreak
02. Ready To Go
03. Someday
04. Hardest Heart To Break
05. Good Time Music
06. All Fall Down
07. Girls Gone Wild
08. Beginning of The End
09. Raise The Dead
10. It’s Not Me It’s You
11. Like There’s No Tomorrow
Japan Bonus Track:
12. Only A Matter of Time

In a recent interview with Australia’s Heavy Mag, Wylde spoke about Midnite City‘s upcoming new album. “In terms of the musical direction, like I said I think it’s a little bit back to our earlier sound,” he measured. “I think on the last album Itch You Can’t Scratch, which came out two years ago, there was still a lot of fun party rock songs on there but there was also some heavier songs. It was a little bit darker, a little bit heavier and edgier and I think that all had a lot to do with the fact that album was written and recorded during the whole COVID thing. Obviously now we’re out of COVID everyone is in a much better mood, I think. People can go out and go to shows and hang out with friends, and we also switched our drummer on this album. We parted company with our old drummer and the new one has brought a new musical life to the band. So he’s one of those guys who is such a positive person to be around, and he has given the band a new lease on life. It’s almost like we’re starting out again, really. There’s just a good feeling in the band, and we’re really optimistic about the album and the future, and you can hear that on the album. Like I said, it’s the ultimate feel-good hair metal album.”

You can read more excerpts and listen to the interview with Rob Wylde via Heavy Mag‘s website.

Midnite City‘s “Hardest Heart To Break” video: