Midnite City unveil video for new single “Atomic”

Midnite City unveil video for new single “Atomic”

UK rockers Midnite City consisting of lead vocalist Rob Wylde, lead guitarist Miles Meakin, bassist Josh ‘Tabbie’ Williams, keyboardist Shawn Charvette and drummer Pete Newdeck have released a video for their new single “Atomic” from their upcoming third full-length album Itch You Can’t Scratch, which will be available via Roulette Media on May 28, 2021.

Track List for Itch You Can’t Scratch:
01. Crawlin’ In The Dirt
02. Atomic
03. Fire Inside
04. Darkest Before The Dawn
05. I Don’t Need Another Heartache
06. Blame It On Your Lovin’
07. They Only Come Out At Night
08. Chance of A Lifetime
09. If It’s Over
10. Fall To Pieces

In a mini-interview with Sleaze Roxx back in January 2021, Wylde was asked why Midnite City decided to adopt a harder edged sound on the first single “Crawlin’ In The Dirt” off It You Can’t Scratch. Wylde indicated:

“In terms of what led Midnite City to adopt a harder edged sound, at least with the new single, and how does the album Itch You Can’t Scratch differ from the two previous ones, Wylde stated: “The album is slightly harder and edgier in places, and that’s probably a lot to do with the environment in which we recorded it. The Covid situation put a stop to all of our touring plans for 2020, and we were forced to record this album in five separate studios. We were all frustrated, confused and angry about the Covid situation and I think that comes across in places. Having said that, the album still has all the elements you would expect from a classic Midnite City album. There’s still plenty of feel good, poppy, commercial hair metal party rock on offer, two huge ballads and some real melodic rock monsters. If you loved the first two albums, this takes both and runs with them. It’s the ultimate Midnite City album and our best to date.”

Midnite City‘s “Atomic” video: