Mike Matijevic Comments On John Fowler’s Passing


March 22, 2008

Steelheart vocalist Miljenko (Mike) Matijevic Has commented on the death of his former bandmate John Fowler, who passed away yesterday after suffering a brain aneurism last Monday.

Dear friends.

I am deeply sad to say my old friend and the original drummer of SteelHeart, (John Fowler) has passed away on Friday March 21 at 11:00pm from a brain amorism. He will always be with us. We will “Never Let You Go”. John was a true musician, dedicated to his art. I cant remember a time that John didn’t have music to fill his day. I am happy to have shared the stages throughout the world with him. Every night I would climb his crazy massive drum set to reach down into his world and slap his hand for a great show. It will always be with me. Rest in peace my friend we all love you. Fly with the angels. We’ll se you on the other side.


Courtesy of www.myspace.com/steelheart