Mike Tramp feels that the “chase was so much better than the catch” in terms of White Lion’s early years

Photo by Christopher Lee Helton

Mike Tramp feels that the “chase was so much better than the catch” in terms of White Lion’s early years

Former White Lion frontman Mike Tramp was recently interviewed by Taylor Cameron for Rockin’ InterviewsTramp was promoting his new upcoming album Songs of White Lion, which consists of his own new recordings and interpretations of White Lion tracks. Songs of White Lion will be released via Frontiers Music Srl tomorrow (on April 14, 2023).

In terms of what the early years of White Lion were like, Tramp recalled: “In the early years, looking back at it, the chase was so much better than the catch. Once we had really started hitting success, we parted. I remember our first big shows, which we only got one day notice for, were supporting Triumph for a couple of arena shows on the east coast. Their original support act, who I think was Yngwie Malmsteen, something had happened that he couldn’t play those shows. Because we had good contacts with managers and agents, we got thrown into the shows. From one day painting apartments to the next night standing in front of fifteen thousand people. We knew from day one that we should always be ready for that day. We’d be sleeping in one motel room, the four guys in the band, taking turns of who was sleeping in the chair or on the floor, and who got the beds.

Those memories and how we walked out on stage together was like a fist, and when we ended the band we parted as four individual fingers. There should be a rule of law that no matter how big the band gets, you stick together, no having separate dressing rooms or things like that. That’s where the strength is, when the band is one unit and not separate people going through the motions.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Mike Tramp via Rockin’ Interviews‘ website.

White Lion‘s “Little Fighter” video:

Mike Tramp‘s “Little Fighter” single (from upcoming Songs of White Lion album):