Mike Tramp ponders whether it’s his role to speak out against terrorist attacks

Mike Tramp ponders whether it’s his role to speak out against terrorist attacks

There has been more and more terrorist attacks in the world including at the Bataclan in Paris, France back on November 13, 2015 and two days ago in Istanbul, Turkey, and many artists have spoken out against them.

miketramp2The self-analytical former White Lion frontman Mike Tramp posted the following on his Facebook page today:

“Last night after a long day. I was reminded by someone in Istanbul, Turkey. That i hadn’t commented/posted anything on the Terror attack in Ataturk Airport”, at the same time reminding me that I hadn’t posted anything on the attack in Ankara, Turkey back when it happened, but reminding me that I posted something in regards to the multiple attacks in Paris, France, and I should remember that I have many fans and have played many times in Turkey.

I was surprised and speechless, and for a second thought, is that what I do, is that what’s required of me?

I am a singer/songwriter/musician who’s already so disgusted with the world we live in and the road we’re heading down. I can’t find anything good anymore, at the same time I am powerless.

President Barack Obama, don’t even call it for what it is, and I already know that the world have become so sensitive and politically correct that no one can handle the truth anymore, no one can handle anyone saying what should be said, no one can Istanbul photohandle the politically incorrect way of putting it, like the TRUTH.

But if you ask me if I care about the innocent victims, if you ask me if I am mad as hell and angry, if you ask me if I wish I had power and could do something.

Then the answer is YES.

Till the next cowardly attack happens, please be safe everyone!