Mike Tramp reveals there’s only one unreleased White Lion song that’s “somewhere in the internet”

Mike Tramp reveals there’s only one unreleased White Lion song that’s “somewhere in the internet”

Former White Lion frontman Mike Tramp was recently interviewed by Sakis Nikas for Greece’s Rock Pages.

Tramp was asked whether there are any unreleased White Lion songs to which he replied (with slight edits):

“Well, there’s only one really that’s been around, somewhere in the internet world, called “Back On The Streets”. Vito [Bratta] and I approached our records like a book… we wanted to have complete chapters and it’s the same way with my solo albums. We were very focused. You know what… lots of people don’t know that but we wrote “Big Game” in 10 days! The problem with that record is not the quality of the songs…you just need to have time to live with these songs and play them with the band. We wrote the songs and went straight into the studio. “Pride” came out really great because we had been playing those songs all over the clubs…from 1985 up to 1987. In the bootleg world, there’s a version of “Pride” of 1986…this was the mix that we did in Germany. When we returned to America, we re-arranged the songs and tested the album so many times before it finally came out in 1987. That’s why it sounds so good. From my perspective, “Big Game” is a half-ass album”.”

In terms of recording White Lion‘s sophomore album Pride, Tramp recalled: “We knew the songs inside out because we had been playing them at our concerts for two plus years…exactly like Van Halen had been doing before their first album. That’s why “Pride” sounds like our first real album. On the other hand, “Big Game” is the totally opposite for a number of reasons but basically because we didn’t have the time.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Mike Tramp via Rock Pages‘ website.

White Lion‘s “Back On The Streets” track: