Mike Tramp Sick Of White Lion Reunion Questions

Mike Tramp Sick Of White Lion Reunion Questions

July 28, 2013

Mike Tramp Sick Of White Lion Reunion QuestionsFormer White Lion singer Mike Tramp has left the musical direction of his old band behind with his new solo album ‘Cobblestone Street’, but the fact some people can’t let go of the past has ruffled the feathers of the Danish frontman.

“Ok Guys and Girls, I’ll give it one more attempt, although I already knew it would fall on deaf ears,” said Tramp in a recent Facebook post. “I don’t say these things to piss anyone off or disappoint those who get disappointed by it.But when facts are facts, then why can’t you let sleeping Lions lie, no pun intended.”

“When I say there isn’t going to be any White Lion reunion, why is it so damn hard to understand? We don’t want to play together and I personally don’t want to do that kind of stuff anymore. In 20 years I have not spoken to Vito (Bratta, guitarist) more than possibly 5-6 hours. It’s a fact, just let it be. What has Vito done since White Lion’s break up 9/2/91? Nothing… Doesn’t that speak loud and clear? Why would you want to marry the person who you divorced long ago or hang out with the kid who bullied you all through your high school years, just as an example?”

Tramp recently told Sleaze Roxx that his idea to bring back White Lion several years ago was a complete mistake. “The reason I broke up with the band was because I was done with it. The reason you file for divorce is because the love is gone — you get tired of it. But I needed to do it to find out I’d made the mistake. I made the decision when I was on tour for my second solo album, and when you’re playing to like 25 people and when people are goading you and saying “Oh, if you put White Lion back together you’d play festivals and make big bucks’…”

Tramp also addressed marketing for his current solo shows in his Facebook post by stating, “I am not the one adding White Lion on the poster at upcoming shows or announcing it as Mike Tramp from White Lion. This is a classic club-owner thing, and God knows every damn fool out there does it. But I will gladly play my heart and soul out for the 10 people that will show up to see me play if there isn’t a White Lion name attached to my name. Still I don’t think that will be the case as most of you who now show up to the shows own my solo albums and praise me for what I do, and come to hear just that. But don’t I respect the history and all of you by playing at least 11 White Lion songs in my set, so where is the problem?”

Tramp’s latest solo album ‘Cobblestone Street’, released on April 8th, is a departure from the sound that most people would expect from a singer that has been around since White Lion crashed onto the hard rock scene in the ’80s.

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