Mike Tramp states why there won’t be a White Lion reunion

Mike Tramp states why there won’t be a White Lion reunion

Former White Lion frontman Mike Tramp was recently interviewed by Anti Hero Magazine and invariably, the interview turned towards the much hoped for but unlikely White Lion reunion. 

In terms of the question whether there will be a White Lion reunion, Tramp stated: “In reality, I mean, the question could be turned around, since it’s what most people know me from. And nobody ever seemed to ask the question, “Why won’t there be [a White Lion reunion]?””

Tramp went on to answer his own question by stating: “And then you can explain it, and you… I mean, you have to do drastic things. It’s like, for all of you people out there who, unfortunately, happen to be in a divorced family, or come from a divorced family, could you ever imagine your Mom and Dad back together? I mean, sometimes, when something’s split, it is for the purpose of it needs to split. And there’s so many reasons. But the most reason is that the band does not want to be together. And this is not a matter of us having offers on the table, you know, for big money. It’s not a matter of us, you know, think we should do it because Cinderella’s doing it, or Tesla’s doing it, or Night Ranger, or FireHouse. White Lion broke up because we did not want to be together anymore. And [I’ve stuck to that] ever since.”

Tramp was also asked if former White Lion guitarist Vito Bratta ever changed his mind and called him, would he do it, to which the former replied: “You know what? I would be very surprised to see this guy ever with a guitar in his hand again. I mean, how would you expect that to happen for somebody that’s basically been sitting at home for 25 years? Not been in the music business, and then suddenly come out? No, it would not happen. And you know what? Sometimes, I’m forced to having to say it in another way so people can understand it. Unfortunately, a lot of other singers don’t follow the same recipe. I can’t be Mike Tramp [at] 27 years old. I don’t sound like that. I sound like I do today, and I’m much more at home and happier with the way I sound today. I’m not ditching White Lion; they were the greatest years of my life, and I am so happy to all the people that raised their hands and cheered for me out on stage. But right now, I’m a father of three. I’m a guy with a guitar around my neck. And I do what I can, not what I can’t.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Tramp at Anti Hero Magazine.

Tramp has a new solo studio album entitled Maybe Tomorrow, which will be released via Mighty Music/Target Group on February 24, 2017.

Mike Tramp‘s “Coming Home” video:

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