Mike Tramp To Play First Australian Show In 12 Months


November 18, 2007

It has been over 12 months since Mike Tramp last took the stage in Australia. Since then he has toured the US, Europe and Indonesia and completed a new White Lion album (due for release in the new year) and is almost ready to complete a new solo album.

But while all of these things start to take shape, Mike has called on a bunch of his friends to join him for a night of rock and roll and some fun.

Joining Mike will be an array of musicians some of whom Mike has played with previously and some that have become new friends recording with him. It’s pretty much “play until we run out of songs or drop, whatever comes first”.

“The idea was just to have some fun, the music business is so serious, this is an opportunity just to play the songs I love with a group of people that I enjoy playing with. It’ll probably be the longest show I’ve played – there will be unplugged, plugged in and all kinds of combinations on stage, who knows where we’ll end up”, Tramp said.

The show takes place at The Corner Hotel on Thursday 6 December, tickets are on sale now through www.cornerhotel.com

Courtesy of www.miketramp.com