Mike Tramp to stop playing White Lion songs at some of his solo shows

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Mike Tramp to stop playing White Lion songs at some of his solo shows

White Lion frontman Mike Tramp has seemingly had a love / hate relationship for some time with playing his former band’s songs in a live setting. The singer has now announced that he will not be playing White Lion songs at some of his upcoming solo shows. According to Wikipedia, Tramp was in White Lion from 1983 to 1992 and again from 1999 to 2013.

The following message was posted on Tramp‘s Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“So Close and Almost There! Last nights concert with The Band Of Brothers, was something I have dreamed about and waited for, for a long, long time. Since the release of Capricorn in 1997, it was always my goal that my live show and band should sound like my solo albums does. But with always having to do a mix of Tramp versions of Old White Lion songs, and my solo songs, and a mixed mess of directions of what the Endless Highway is really about for me. I came so close to hearing the correct version last night and i can only imagine we come even closer tonight. With the addition of Sebastian L. Grosset on Hammond Organ and Piano. I am now where a Mike Tramp show should sound. In 2020, I have made the inevitable decision to separate White Lion songs from Mike Tramp solo. As it stands now, the poster will tell you what I am playing, when I am playing. My plan is to play both, just not at the same show. Tramp.”

Back in late November 2015, Tramp posted the following Facebook message:

“And so we come down to the final Tramp show of 2015, at the “Nya Trolls Bar” in Malmö, Sweden. I would be lying if I didn’t say that by now I am mentally burned out, and serious need a very long break from the White Lion songs, OMG. At the same time looking at a new approach to the solo live set/show for 2016, as it is important that i don’t play on routine but the enjoyment of playing my songs. Still looking forward to be back in Sweden tonight. Tramp.”