Million Dollar Reload Release First Video From New Recordings

Million Dollar Reload Release First Video From New Recordings

October 22, 2014

Million Dollar Reload are currently working on their third studio album and have posted a video for a new song “Penny For Your Dirty Mind”.

The Irish rockers have been very happy with their new material, stating last month, “Very productive session in the studio last weekend, a few tracks recorded… listening back to them now, love the direction we are headed.” Earlier in the year the group also commented, “We havent had this much fun writing and arranging new songs for the new album since…. well, like in forever! Enjoy playing some new tunes at recent gigs. Only downside, we are going to end up with crackin` tunes that will be left off the album!”

Million Dollar Reload’s 2012 release ‘A Sinner’s Saint’ was named album of the year by Sleaze Roxx. A review of that same CD stated, “Million Dollar Reload’s sound may have ties to the mighty AC/DC, but calling them a copycat would be completely unfair as there is way more here than the standard three-chord attack. Instead it feels as if these guys are doing their best to make bands like AC/DC completely irrelevant — and judging by A Sinner’s Saint it might just be possible. This disc has an unbridled energy that more established acts haven’t been able to capture in decades. If there has to be a poster child for ‘the face of hard rock’ there is no one more worthy at this point in time than Million Dollar Reload.”

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